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how do I connect?

You need two iPhones or iPads or a combination to connect and share. After installing the app and enabling Location Services and Photos Access, hold the phones together. you'll need to be less than a foot away. 


When the connection is made, both phones will flash and make a chirping sound to confirm. you will also see the Connections button change from a person icon to a group icon. The chirp and flash happens only the first time the phones discover each other. After that, they will reconnect whenever you are nearby.


Change how close you need to be for first connectsions within settings. You can select Close (within 1 to 3 feet), Nearby (less than 15 feet), or Immediate (less than a foot) which is the default.


You can also turn off chirping and flashing. Choose to chirp every time your phone connects and not just the first time. 


why do the phones disconnect?


When someone disconnects, their connection button turns gray. The way the network works, the session only stays active when the apps are running. When you switch away to another app or the iPhone home screen, wevew will disconnect from the network. When you return to wevew, it immediately reconnects.


Transfers in progress will end when you disconnect, but they restart immediately upon reconnect. Any photos shared while you were away will transferred at this point.



I can't connect. What do I do?


Are you close enough to another phone running wevew? Put the phones right next to each other to be sure.


Is one of the phones running the original version of wevew? You can check the version in the Settings app under wevew. If you have a mix of version 1, 2 and version 3 apps, they will not connect. Go to and make sure all devices are running the latest.


If you still don't connect, switch away from the app on both phones for a second then reopen the app on both. 


There are some rare situations where the iPhones need to be restarted for the connection to be made successfully.




connections seem slow


Normally, any photo taken with your iPhone camera should transfer in 2 seconds or less. Videos can take some time if they are long. You will see the countdown clock when you select a video while it is still transferring.


If the transfer is slow or appears to hang, check that WiFi is turned on. You don't need to be connected to a WiFi network for the app to use the phones' WiFi antenna. 


The app can use straight Bluetooth for networking and communications, but it is much slower than WiFi. a Bluetooth-only transfer can take 30 seconds per photo. For a video, it will be close to infinity.


If one phone is tethered to another with a personal hotspot, the transfer will be extremely slow. Turn off the hotspot to work with wevew.



i'm connected to a WiFi network and it's still really slow


this happens. sometimes the WiFi network is very busy or it introduces several hops between you and the other iPhones. on the bright side a shared WiFi network lets you send photos with folks in different rooms. 


open the iOS Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and enable Airplane mode. wait about 5 seconds and then disable Airplane mode. that resets the networking on your device.


last, attempt, try to "Forget this network" on one of the phone to force the iPhones to create their own ad hoc network.






when you choose a photo to share it is sent immediately to all other connected devices. if someone joins after you will automatically send the photo to them as well. as the photo came from your phone, you own it and continue to control it's future. You can unshare the photo and remove it from the connected phones.


If you choose, you can send your photos without giving the receivers the option to save.  go to the Settings tool and under wevew, turn off "Allow Save."



playing video


Play, Pause: you know the deal. But with wevew, when you play, the video will play on all devices at the same time. Couple notes:


  • short videos automatically repeat.

  • you can play and pause with the Play/Payse button or with a long touch on the video screen.

  • you all need to be looking at the same video. wevew doesn't play videos in the background.

  • videos are big and can take some time to send. If you start playing before it arrives on your friend's iPhone, it's no big deal, it will pick up playing where you are in the video.


  • If the videos will not play in sync, try restarting one or both of your iPhones.




Open the camera from the Sharing button. You can take photos or videos in the camera. Take a photo or video. If you don't like it, touch Retake. Otherwise tap Use Photo or Use Video.


Anything photo or video you take automatically appears in your Camera Roll.






When you receive a photo or video, you usually have the option to save it. Press the "save" button or press and hold the thumbnail in the collection on top and choose "Save". The photo or video is saved to your Camera Roll.


You can also press and hold the Save button and all of the photos will be saved at once.


In Settings, you can turn off saving. Your friends who can see your shared photos will not get the option to Save. Go to the Settings tool and under wevew, turn off "Allow Save."



unsharing and deleting


Unshare will remove your photo or video from all connected devices. Delete uses the same button, but removes a photo that you received from someone else.


If you allow someone to save your photos and they have already saved it, unshare will remove it from the shared network, but it will not remove it from their Camera Roll.


When you press and hold the "unshare" button, you'll be prompted to unshare all of your photos.



cleaning up


Photos and videos are meant to be live in the sharing session. If the device that originated a photo has left the network for more than 15 minutes, your app will remove it with a message "cleaning up." This is normal. when the photo's owner reconnects, their app will re-share the photo.




what's new in wevew 3


wevew 2 is a significant upgrade over wevew 1--so much so that the two apps are not allowed to connect. if you are having problems connecting across devices, this is one of the first things to check. you can see what version you are running by looking in the wevew Settings tool on your iPhone or iPad.


  • Video Sharing


  • The UI has been redesigned and reorganized around the Sharing button (on the left) and the Connections button (on the right).


  • There are zillions of internal improvements.


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