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Aug 01, 2017



Faff v1 is now available. Faff is a subtle puzzler that looks a bit like a fidget spinner. In this introductory release there are 9 activities you can find. Find them all of just the ones you like.

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Jun 22, 2017


wevew version 3.6.4 released to the App Store

We had a great response on Facebook from India. So here comes wevew 3.6.4 localized for Hindi!

हमें भारत से फेसबुक पर बहुत अच्छा जवाब था । यहाँ तक कि हिन्दी के लिए स्थानीयकृत 3.6.4 का स्थानीयकृत आता है!


May 08, 2017


wevew 3.6.0 with manual connections

This version is dedicated to our new friend Rachel and all of the iPad 2 users out there — there are quite a lot of you — who can now use wevew!


In Settings > wevew, tap Proximity. Choose “Use Passcode instead of distance.”


Now, when you are near another wevewer, tap the Connections button (bottom right). Your screen will show you your passcode. Your friends screen will prompt for your passcode. Enter it there and you will connect. wevew remembers your friend so you won’t need the passcode again.

Sep 30, 2016

First post!

Apple's Improved Service is Changing the Way I Work

Check out Medium for a post on what happened in the days leading up to the release of wevew 3. Apple changed something and it was awesome!

Apple's Improved Service is Changing the Way I Work

Sep 29, 2016


wevew version 3.3.3 released to the App Store

This version is dedicated to Nathalie who left us a message with no text. What happened? Is everything OK?

• In 3.3.3 we made lots of improvements to how we handle memory. Remember the last time you tried to share all of those photos from your trip and the app bombed out after 50 photos? And forget about sharing your panoramas. Sure they are fantastic, but inside your iPhone they are memory hungry monsters that just want more, more, more! Anyway, that is much better now.

• Made improvements to 3D touch support on the Sharing and Connections buttons (those buttons on the bottom of the screen). It’s still not perfect, but it's better. If you want to go back to the way things were, go to Settings > wevew and turn off 3D Touch.

• We lost and then found the Play button. On iOS 10 the background color wouldn’t show. The button was there, you just couldn’t see it. Through the power of technology, you can now see it.

• We also made a couple tweaks to the photo collection at the top of the screen. No one will notice. Sad face.

Sep 13, 2016


wevew version 3.3.2 released to the App Store

Here's another small update for September 2016

• On iOS 10, when you granted permission to access photos, location services, and camera, the buttons would not turn green.

• Better experience connecting to another iPhone or iPad the first time the app runs.

Sep 07, 2016


wevew version 3.3.1 released to the App Store

Here's a small update for September 2016

• Synchronized Views is now turned on for first time users

• Bug fixes

Aug 02, 2016


wevew version 3.3.0 released to the App Store

This version is dedicated to our new friend Patrick.


• Synchronized Views - With this new setting enabled, everyone in your network sees the same photo or video. Great for slides shows and presentations.

• 2 Concurrent Transfers - After added the ability to share lots of photos at once, we found the transfers taking a long time. Allowing two at a time keeps everything running smoothly.

• A couple other bug fixes.

Jul 16, 2016


wevew version 3.2.1 released to the App Store

This version features teeny tiny bug fixes.

Jan 01, 2020


wevew version 3.2.0 released to the App Store

• The experience where we ask you for permission on your iPhone is completely redone. Only new users will see this, but it makes getting into the app the first time much easier.

• Fixed a bug where iPad users with an accessory keyboard running iOS 8 would experience a crash. Sorry about that you two!

Jul 05, 2016


wevew version 3.1.0 released to the App Store

In this update we finished all the stuff we wanted in 3.0:

  • Accessibility support enables Voice Over, Reduced Motion, and Reduce Transparency 

  • Select and share multiple photos without closing the Sharing window

  • Open the Sharing and Connections actions using 3D Touch

  • Home Screen Quick Actions to open the camera and share images

  • iPad Shortcut Keys when using an accessory keyboard

May 27, 2016


wevew version 3.0.3 released to the App Store

Another quick update following the launch of 3.0:

  • Added a long touch on videos to play and pause.

  • Fixes for a crash that happened after turning off the network.

May 10, 2016


wevew version 3.0.1 released to the App Store

  • Tap the Sharing button on the left to select a photo or video. Press and hold Sharing to expand the button to access the camera, save, and unshare. There is also a help button in there.

  • Tap the Connections button on the right to see a summary of who is connected. Press and hold Connections to get their details and to flip the network on and off.

May 13, 2016


wevew version 3.0.2 released to the App Store

  • Did you know that videos under 10 seconds automatically repeat? wevew now has a feature to play and pause a video with a long tap. This is very handy when you have a short video playing over and over.

  • Fixed some crashes

May 10, 2016


wevew 3

wevew 3 just hit the AppStore and now you can share your favorite videos along with your photos!

Dec 16, 2015


wevew 2.1.2 released to the App Store

wevew v 2.1.2 just launched on the App Store with a fix for the status button crash. There is also an updated icon for the iPad Pro--just in case an iPad Pro owner ever tries out wevew. Still waiting on that.

Dec 10, 2015



Looks like there is a bug in the little status buttons that show you who is connected. When you touch one to get some info, the app crashes. We've submitted an update to the App Store and it should be available in about a week. For now, just don't touch those cute little buttons!

Dec 05, 2015


wevew version 2.1.1 released to the App Store

wevew v 2.1.2 just launched on the App Store with...

• full iPad Pro support

• our new website launch broke the Shake for Help feature. This is now restored and the Help content has been improved

• minor improvements to the UI

Nov 16, 2015


spookygroup.com v2

we just launched spookygroup.com version 2. seems to be a nice change from the dreary black.

Nov 13, 2015


wevew 2.0.2 released to the App Store

On top of all those great improvements in v2.0, the app refused to show the outgoing image on “unshare”


Note that wevew v2 has enough new stuff in it that we no longer allow it to connect to wevew v1 devices. upgrade all of your devices to keep sharing.

Nov 06, 2015


wevew 2.0.1 released to the App Store

This is a big one. v2.0 brings a new and improved UI, new features, improvements to our mirroring algorithm, and some bug fixes.


• added photo paging to the UI because Kube through it was important that the app should work like everybody else’s. Thanks buddy—that was shockingly non-trivial.


• now that paging is out of the way we moved the buttons to the bottom of the screen right where your fingers usually hang out. they also arrange nicely and get out of your way in landscape.


• that alloc the shared photo ribbon to move to the top where they look great and show off the new and improved “friend views” which show where all of your friends are looking.


• the buttons now (mostly) have new functions when you press and hold them. hold a “friend” button and you un-friend them. you will need to re-connect with them (by being really close) the next time your “un-friend” uses the app. “unshare” becomes “unshare all.” “save” becomes “save all”. “connect/disconnect” becomes the uber unfriendly “unfriend all.” But don’t get too cozy with the buttons on the bottom. we have some cool plans for them in future releases. but as we all learned from Charles Babbage, we should really finish version 2 before dropping everything and moving on to version 3.


• the mirroring algorithm now handles mixed size devices and different orientations much better.


• there’s a bunch of bug fixes and a couple new ones too.

Aug 26, 2015


Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference 2015

we are thrilled to announce that wevew placed first at the Yahoo Mobile Hackathon 2015!


see the announcement  http://bit.ly/1IjGSPM

see the video (our demo starts about 11:40)  http://yhoo.it/1EH5lnI

Jun 30, 2015


bye bye Spooky

on a sad note, our original logo/icon/mascot “Spooky” is gone—erased from history by a marketing department that pursues minimalism to unhealthy extremes. but weep not for Spooky. fear for Boxy and what may become of him.

Jun 30, 2015


imjoy 1.4.0 released

imjoy has an all new look to match our parter app wevew


• new floating toolbars and icons


• improvements to the video player


• “voice over” support


• and more pugs!

Jun 17, 2015


wevew 1.3.4 released to the App Store

wevew version 1.3.4 was released to the App Store with the following improvements:


• wevew has an iOS 8 share extension which allows you to share photos from any iOS photo app into your wevew private sharing network—including imjoy


• fixed issue where a photo taken with your camera would not survive across app restarts


• fired Penny the Developer

May 27, 2015


wevew 1.2.2 released to the App Store

wevew version 1.2.2 was just released to the app store with the following improvements:


• improvements to "unshare" and "delete"


• app state restores on restart


• shake to get help


• performance improvements


• improved coach marks.

May 08, 2015


wevew 1.1.0 released to the App Store

wevew version 1.1.0 released to the app store with an improved UI showing all connected devices.


• more buttons


• coach marks to smooth the first time experience

Apr 29, 2015


wevew 1.0.4 released to the App Store

wevew 1.0.4 just released on the AppStore with minor bug fixes and graphics updates


Apr 17, 2015


wevew released to the App Store

our latest app, wevew (pronounced "we view") just hit Apple's App Store. wevew creates sharing experiences for you and your friends by mirroring your photos across all of the iPhones and iPads that are physically close to you.


get wevew now!

Jan 14, 2015


coming soon... wevew

just wanted to let you know that we are finishing up our newest app called "wevew" (pronounced "we view"). sharing photos with your friends will never be the same. coming soon to the AppStore!

Oct 20, 2014


have you been missing the Camera Roll?

have you been missing your older photos in imjoy on iOS8? the Camera Roll has been removed in 8, but is back in iOS 8.1--available from Apple today!

Oct 14, 2014


FlipTraq 1.5.1 released

FlipTraq 1.5.1 released today with a single fix for a crash experienced by some users on iOS8.


get it on the App Store, now!

Oct 08, 2014


imjoy 1.3.2 released

the new version of imjoy just launched on the App Store with the following improvements:


• bottom bars -- the photo bars now appear on the bottom closer to your fingers— especially on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. through the “settings” tool, you can put the bars back on top.


• coach marks for a quick first time tour


• significant performance improvements for when your photo library changes


• other performance improvements and bug fixes


Sep 17, 2014

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FlipTraq 1.5.0 released

FlipTraq 1.5.0 released today! we added visual wave form displays to show the overall track shape and progress. improved Dropbox download performance and remote control management (through your headphone buttons or bluetooth connected devices).


get FlipTraq on the App Store now!

Jul 25, 2014


announcing FlipTraq

Spooky Group announces the release of it's first professional music production app: FlipTraq. available now in Apple's App Store.  


FlipTraq is a portable reference mixing tool for music producers and aficionados. get your tracks out of the studio and hear them compare to other tracks in the real world.


Jul 18, 2014


coming soon... FlipTraq

we've been busy working on FlipTraq an entirely new way to listen to your pre-release music. read more about it here.


coming soon to the App Store.

Nov 05, 2013


imjoy 1.2.1 released

the new version of imjoy just launched on the App Store with the following improvements:


• performance improvements


• bug fixes


• much better support for iOS5


Oct 09, 2013


new mobile site

we have a new and improved mobile version of our site that you can actually read and use on a post-pc era device!

Sep 18, 2013


imjoy 1.1.0 released

we've added full support for iOS version 7. if you are using the first version of imjoy, the main photo bar (the big one) turns black when rendering the high resolution image of your photo. upgrade in the App Store app.


the toolbar now has a filter button. touch it to switch between all, photos only, and videos only.  


we now also support partially downloaded iCloud photo streams. didn't know that you could view a partially downloaded photo stream, did you.  neither did we, until it made imjoy crash. when viewing an iCloud photo stream you might see a small white iCloud icon next to the photo number. this photo is partially downloaded and may not be as crisp and clear as the others. given some time (and a wifi network) and the album will completely download.


and for those of you who don't want to give the best photo app for iOS access to your photos, we have a fun new feature. to give (or deny) access to imjoy, go to iOS settings, privacy, photos and flip the button next to imjoy.


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Aug 20, 2013


announcing imjoy

imjoy (pronounced "i am joy") launches on the Apple App Store featuring scrolling photo bars for quickly accessing your photos and videos and an intuitive full screen photo and video player. available free on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.


get it now on the App Store

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