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spookygroup creates amazing iOS apps for photos, videos, and sharing. 


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wevew shares your photos and videos and mirrors your screen so you and your friends can experience your videos and pictures together—this is livesharing. Open wevew and hold your iPhone close to another for just a couple seconds. wevew senses the distance and creates a lasting connection between your devices. Share your photo and your friends can view and interact with your picture. Share your video and when you play it, it plays on your friends' devices.


wevew asks for permissions to access your location and photos. We only use Location Services to see how far you are from your friends. We don’t do anything with your actual location. Photos permissions lets the app share your pictures. Saying no to either of these leaves you in a state where you can only watch a video of my dog.


After you share your photo or video, it’s still yours. Allow your friends to save it or not. When you are done sharing, you can unshare your it. If you close wevew and walk away, your photos are unshared automatically in about 15 minutes.


When you are out with your friends and everyone wants to get that picture, take it with wevew. The new photo is instantly shared with everyone in your network.


You don’t need mobile service or someone’s WiFi network to share. No matter where you are, wevew can create its own network—it’s private and secure.

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Enjoy all of the photos and videos on your iPhone and iPad, not just the first and last few. imjoy shows your photos in scrolling horizontal photo bars of 1, 10, and 50. The more photos you have the more bars you get.  


Play and share your photos in full screen mode. Zoom all you want. Live zooming during video playback too! Works seamlessly with wevew so you can find and share your photos faster than ever.


Filter to find just your photos, just your videos, or both.


Share photos into wevew to enjoy with your friends.


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