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FlipTraq is a tool for music producers and aficionados allowing you to flip between a master track and reference tracks - other tracks similar in style and sound. In FlipTraq Pro, up to four reference tracks can be selected for comparison and each track can scrubbed and looped independently. as well, the volume of each track can be set individually for volume matching. This makes the process of reference mixing very easy and portable, and playable on multiple speaker systems. It takes the guesswork out of the “car test” and the “tiny speaker” mono test because you can you play your in-development master along with your reference tracks on any system.


FlipTraq takes reference mixing to a whole new level – no longer are you starting your track, scrolling through playlists, and waiting for another track to load, then scrolling back to your original. If you want to hear your track against the chorus of one track, and the drop of another? Simply set the independent loop braces on each track, and flip back and forth. Volumes are a little off so you’re not sure if its volume or a mix change that made it better? Simply adjust the individual volumes on each track. It removes the guess work!


Mark the Tracks

So you take the track to the car, and you hear that the kick drum needs more punch. Don’t scribble the note on a piece a paper – just make a note on the track. the marks are time and title stamped so you know what you were listening to when you made the note. when you have your notes done – no need to worry about the app – just export them off to yourself or your team via email or text.


Intelligent Scrubbing

the scrubbers for the tracks allow you to “fine zoom” your scrubbing by pulling your finger away from the scrubbing bar. the further away you go, the slower the scrubber moves. this allows you to set the scrubber just where you want it for setting the loop braces. it also allows you to start the track just from where you want it to start for critical intro and outro evaluation.


always on looping

each track continuously loops which allows you to not have to worry about where each track is while you’re listening.  go back and forth on the chorus of one track vs the master track, then flip to another track. it may have reached the end several times, but it is set to auto-loop so it will always be playing. if you have set the loop points, then it will continue to loop there, but worst case, it will continue to loop from the end.


pro version

FlipTraq Pro allows you to setup multiple projects. this gives you several advantages, including the creation of templates that can be copied. if you have several great reference track you use for rock, load them into a project and save the project. copy that project to begin a new track, load a master track, and you’ll be all set to compare it to your favorite reference tracks.


music library

Seamlessly integrates with your iTunes library and your Dropbox account, FlipTraq allows you to select your tracks from iTunes allowing you to setup and utilize playlists and albums for sorting and managing your reference tracks. Setup a playlist of your best Trance tracks as reference tracks to quickly find the right tracks.

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